K1600 Lidderuucht 2018

The programs of the association

We are happy to draw up a programme together with you. We perform indoors or outdoors to sing some songs, to give a concert for a whole evening or an afternoon. We are sure to find ways to spend a few pleasant and relaxing hours with you.

Alternatively, we have ready-made programmes- medleys of Luxembourg songs within the framework of stage plays.

Copies of songs texts will be available to enable the public to sing along with us.

Eng Lidder‑Uucht (recital)
This is two-hour programme in two parts. One stage, an old-time parlour with a spinning-wheel and a stove. There are people crocheting and knitting, others reading newspaper; granddad is in his armchair smoking his pipe. Two friends joke and gossip and the whole group sings new and old Luxembourg songs accompanied by the piano.

Land a Leit (land and people)
On stage, a parlour where a musical journey is undertaken through our country with anecdotes about its people. This is a two-hour programme in two parts.

Staminet (table reserved forboon companions)
On stage, a café, where patrons gossip about everyday life. This is another two-hour programme in two parts.

Concert (concert)
We offer you a concert with a nice Potpourri of Luxembourgish songs. You decide the duration of the concert with one or more breaks.

Bëschfest (party in the forest)
We are in the forest; birds are warbling, some people are singing. Two bigmouths are having a good gossip..

Beim Dicks (music komponiste)
At the weekly market at the “Knuedler” two fellows are have having a chat about the country and its people with a glass of local wine. The Choir is singing appropriate songs by Dicks.